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    Top Signs That You May Need to Replace Your Toilet

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Are you remodeling your bathroom, or do you have a persistently leaky toilet? These are some of the common reasons why homeowners replace their toilets. For a more detailed list of signs that you may need to call a Seattle plumber for a new toilet, read on.

    Recurrent Leaks

    A toilet leak is not something to take lightly. Even a slight leak can waste 200 gallons of water each day or more, depending on the size of the toilet and the water pressure to your house. If you’ve called a plumber to fix the leak before, but it keeps coming back, it’s a good time to replace your toilet.

    Old Age

    Older toilets, namely those made before 1980, are highly inefficient and may use up to 7 gallons of water per flush. Modern toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush or less. Another good reason to replace an older toilet is that its interior mechanisms are likely to break. Fixing or replacing these parts can cost a small fortune, so it’s often better to just buy a new, more efficient toilet.

    Outdated Style

    Pink and green toilets were once highly sought after, but now they are fairly outdated. If you have one, it’s probably time to replace it with one that looks a bit more modern. If you are remodeling your entire bathroom, this is also a good time to replace your toilet, as it will need to be uninstalled anyway.

    Uncomfortable Seating

    Many people do not think about comfort when purchasing a toilet or weighing whether or not to replace one. But when you think about it, the toilet is a seat, so it’s important to buy one that’s comfortable for you and your family. If the seat is too high or low, or too small or narrow, invest in a toilet that’s more comfortable.

    O’Neill Plumbing has been serving the Seattle area since 1917. We are the plumbers in Seattle that will get the job done right the first time. For more information, call us at (206) 395-3964 or visit our website. We also offer 24/7 emergency service.

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    What Is the Average Life Span of a Water Heater?

    Last updated 3 months ago

    The life span of a water heater depends on several factors. Electric- and gas-powered water heaters last for an average of 10 years without much maintenance, but they may last up to 15 or 20 years if well maintained. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, can last up to 30 years without any problems.

    To extend the life of your traditional water heater, any accumulated mineral deposits—particularly calcium and lime—need to be cleaned up. In general, water heaters that are too small will not last as long as water heaters that are appropriately sized for the amount of use they receive. This is because overly small water heaters have to constantly heat large volumes of water, which damages the glass lining of the tank and wears out the heating elements faster.

    If you think it’s time to replace your water heater, call O’Neill Plumbing at (206) 932-5283. We can repair your water heater or install a new water heater that saves you money on your energy bills. For more information about the plumbing services we offer the Seattle area, visit our website.

    Fixing Common Garbage Disposal Problems

    Last updated 3 months ago

    It doesn’t take much for a garbage disposal to malfunction. From a utensil jam to a food clog, garbage disposal problems are common but quite easy to fix. Read this article for advice on fixing the garbage disposal and knowing when to call your Seattle plumber.

    Check the Power

    It’s pretty common for garbage disposals to trip a circuit, so you should first check to see if the garbage disposal is receiving power at the switch. Locate your circuit breaker or fuse box and reset the connection if necessary. You can even use an electrical tester if you suspect a wiring problem.

    Shut off the Power

    If you have determined that the garbage disposal is receiving power at the switch, the next step is to shut off the power to the garbage disposal so that repairs can be made. Shut off the power at the circuit breaker and unplug the unit if it isn’t hardwired.

    Find the Thermal Overload Switch

    Many garbage disposals will automatically shut off when the operating temperature is too high. When this occurs, the thermal overload switch will flip and the garbage disposal will not work until the switch is reset. If you cannot find the thermal overload switch, consult your instruction booklet, the manufacturer’s website, or your local plumbing company.

    Locate Obstructions

    Food debris or even utensils can cause an obstruction that prevents the garbage disposal from working. To fix this, disconnect the power going into the unit and remove everything from the sink drain. You can even turn the hex-shaped bolt on the bottom of the garbage disposal to manually turn the blades and make sure there are no other obstructions.

    O’Neill Plumbing has been serving the Seattle area since 1917. If you have a problem with your garbage disposal, our team of professional plumbers will be happy to help you. Visit our website to learn more about the plumbing services we offer, or call us at (206) 932-5283 to speak with a plumbing specialist.

    A Look at Toilet Flushing and Bubbling Problems

    Last updated 4 months ago

    A number of things can cause flushing and bubbling problems. Often, the issue originates from the toilet itself, such as a buildup of minerals in the toilet siphoning system or a float adjustment issue. If you’ve had a problem with your toilet for a long time, it’s likely to be an issue with your home’s plumbing, such as galvanized piping or a clog in the system. To learn more about diagnosing problems with a bubbling toilet or one that doesn’t flush properly, watch this video clip.

    If your toilet is bubbling or flushing abnormally, contact O’Neill Plumbing, where we’ve been serving Seattle for more than 95 years. Check out our website to see what our satisfied customers have to say. If you have any questions, call us at (206) 932-5283.

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