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    Factors to Consider When Hiring an Emergency Plumber

    Last updated 4 months ago

    People spend hours planning the most trivial and mundane activities, but how much time have you spent planning what you’re going to do when your sewer backs up or when your water heater starts to leak? A serious and unexpected plumbing situation requires immediate action. The longer you wait to hire an emergency plumber, the more damage will be done and the more expensive the repairs will be. To make sure you hire the right person for the job, we recommend researching emergency plumbers before you’re knee-deep in sewage or chasing down a leaky pipe in your ceiling. Here are a few rules of thumb to help determine your best option:

    Look for 24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Services

    First and foremost, look for a plumbing company that offers 24-hour emergency plumbing services. After all, you never know when a plumbing emergency will strike, so you want to make sure that you can reach your plumber any time of the day. If a plumbing company doesn’t explicitly offer 24-hour service and your pipes burst in the middle of the night, you may find yourself talking to an answering machine when you need plumbing service the most.

    Look for a Plumbing Company that Offers Underground Utility Services

    Depending on the extent of your plumbing emergency, your plumber may need access your home’s underground utility lines. Unless you want to waste extra time and money while an inexperienced plumber calls out a third-party contractor, look for an emergency plumber in Seattle who offers underground utility services, including trenchless sewer repair, hydro jetting, and re-piping.

    Look for a Company with Experience

    You want to make sure that you can trust your emergency plumber, so look for a plumbing company with lots of experience and loads of customer reviews. O’Neill Plumbing has been serving the Seattle area since 1917. That’s almost 100 years of plumbing services! We offer free estimates and our plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call us today at (206) 395-3964 to learn more about our residential and commercial plumbing services. 

    Water Heater Woes: Repair or Replace? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 4 months ago

    When your water heater breaks down, you face a big question: repair or replace? If your water heater is leaking, the choice is easy – it needs to be replaced. With other problems, however, the decision isn’t so clear. When choosing between repairing your water heater and replacing it, there are several factors to consider. One of the biggest concerns is the age of the unit. Most water heaters have a lifespan of about eight to 10 years, so if yours is nearing that age, repairing it may just be putting off the inevitable. Energy usage is another factor. Newer water heaters are dramatically more efficient than older models. In this Infographic, Seattle’s O’Neill Plumbing offers tips for deciding when to repair or replace your water heater. Help your fellow homeowners choose wisely by sharing this information with them. 

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    What is Hydro Jetting?

    Last updated 5 months ago

    There are plenty of DIY methods to get rid of clogged drains, but not all of them work. Especially when you’re dealing with a stubborn clog deep inside the pipe or slow sewage lines, the best option is to hire a Seattle plumber to hydro jet your home’s plumbing lines. A blast of high-pressure water is sent into the lines at about 4,000 PSI to remove blockages and build up. Because the high pressure can damage lines if they are not properly inspect first, hydro jetting should be done by a professional plumbing contractor.

    If your home or business has a stubborn clog or problem drain, contact O’Neill Plumbing to learn about our hydro jetting services. We have been serving the Seattle area since 1917. Contact us online or call us today to receive your free estimate or talk to one of our plumbers about the problems you are experiencing. 

    The Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repairs

    Last updated 5 months ago

    In the past, major plumbing and sewer line repairs tended to be costly and caused serious damage to properties. Fortunately, new trenchless sewer repair technology makes it possible to carry out large-scale sewer repairs underground without tearing up the land above. The advantages of trenchless sewer repairs are highlighted below.


    Traditionally, sewer repairs have taken several days or weeks to carry out. Trenchless sewer repair technology can cut the time it takes to conduct a major sewer repair in half. Some repairs can even be carried out all in one day, keeping the inconvenience you face to a minimum.


    With trenchless sewer repair technology, you do not have to worry about your yard looking as if it was hit by a tornado during and after the repair process. Just one or two small holes will be the only disruption that the surface of your property will have to face during a trenchless sewer repair, meaning that your lawn and garden can remain intact.


    Since less labor and less time are required to repair damage to sewer pipes using trenchless techniques, you can save money by opting for a trenchless solution. The costs associated with use of trenchless technology may be a bit more expensive for your plumber, but are generally offset by the time and labor saved on a job.


    The materials your plumber will use during trenchless repairs should be of the highest quality. Regardless of whether you are having your pipes lined or replacing them altogether, a plumbing repair specialist should be able to provide you with joint-free piping that is better designed to resist cracks and invasive roots than your existing pipes.

    At O’Neill Plumbing in Seattle, we strive to stay ahead of the latest plumbing technologies, and our experienced plumbers are well-versed in the art of trenchless sewer repair. No matter what plumbing problems you face or what your pipes are made of, we will be able to provide you with a clean and efficient solution. To schedule a service appointment, give us a call at (206) 395-3964.

    Should You Install a Tankless Water Heater?

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Replacing your water heater is not something you should have to do frequently. When your old water heater does display signs of imminent failure and you decide to have your local plumber replace it, the big question will be whether you want an updated model of your previous water heater or whether the time has come for you to go tankless. To help you decide, take a look at the following benefits that tankless water heaters have to offer.

    Endless Supply of Hot Water

    A tank-based water heater heats, stores, and reheats water for you to use when you need it, while a tankless system produces hot water only as it is required. The benefit of this is that tankless water heaters can provide an endless supply of hot water on demand. While tankless water heaters have an impressive capacity to heat water, they do have their limits. If you run multiple appliances or have multiple people take showers in your home at the same time, a tankless water heater may not be able to supply hot water at the rate you need it to.

    Long Lifespan

    Tankless water heaters are impressively durable, lasting between five and 10 years longer than traditional water heaters on average. This means that a properly installed and well-maintained tankless water heater can meet your water heating needs for somewhere between 15 and 20 years.

    Space-Saving Appliance

    For residents living in small homes, another advantage afforded by tankless water heaters is that they are compact. You will not need to have a designated water heater closet—a tankless water heater can be mounted on a wall in your bathroom or outdoors if your indoor space is limited.

    Energy-Efficient Option

    Tankless water heaters are significantly more energy efficient than traditional water heaters, so they can reduce the cost of heating water in your home by up to 25%. Over time, these savings can really add up. The flip side to that is that the initial cost of a tankless water heater can be higher than that of a traditional water heater, although the purchase may qualify you for certain tax benefits.

    Since we have helped residents of west Seattle stay on top of their plumbing maintenance needs since 1917, O’Neill Plumbing is highly qualified to repair or replace your home’s water heater. To enquire further about the differences between tankless and traditional water heaters or to schedule a plumbing service appointment in your Seattle home, call us at (206) 395-3964.

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