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    Determining Whether or Not Your Garbage Disposal Motor Is Worn Out

    Last updated 8 months ago

    The garbage disposal is a very important kitchen appliance for many homeowners. But garbage disposals are not designed to last longer than about 10 to 12 years. If you think your garbage disposal is starting to wear out, read this article to find out if the motor is to blame.

    Check for Blockage

    If too much food or a large object is pushed into the garbage disposal, it will become jammed. When this occurs, it is not uncommon for the circuit breaker to trip, which stops the flow of power to the garbage disposal. Even though the symptoms are similar, do not confuse a jammed garbage disposal with a worn-out garbage disposal motor. A jammed garbage disposal can be unjammed with a hex wrench. Simply insert the wrench into the underside of the unit, and move it back and forth to clear the garbage disposal.

    Inspect the Breaker Button

    At the bottom of your garbage disposal there will be a red breaker button. This button will pop out when the garbage disposal becomes overloaded. Press it back in to see if the garbage disposal starts working again.  

    Test the Garbage Disposal’s Electrical Socket

    Unplug your garbage disposal from the wall socket beneath the sink, and plug another appliance into the socket. If the appliance doesn’t work, check your breaker panel to see if the garbage disposal has flipped the switch to the off position. If the appliance does work, and all of the above-mentioned steps were followed, the garbage disposal motor is probably worn out.

    To have your garbage disposal inspected, maintained, repaired, or replaced, contact O’Neill Plumbing at (206) 932-5283. With more than nine decades of experience working on plumbing systems, we are the preferred plumbers in Seattle. Visit our website to see the full list of services we offer, including in-line sewer cameras, water heater installation, and trenchless sewer repairs. 

    Quick Tips for Preventing Clogged Drains

    Last updated 8 months ago

    A clogged drain can be a severe nuisance. In addition, an untreated clog in your drain can result in a plumbing emergency. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to prevent clogs in your home’s drains.

    First, it is important to manage what heads down your drain in the first place. Items like food scraps, hair, and other solid materials often result in clogs. You can prevent such clogs by placing drain screen covers over the drains in your bathrooms and kitchen. A screen cover will catch unwanted items and prevent them from heading down into your plumbing system. Also remember to watch what you flush in order to prevent clogs in the sewer line; for instance, never flush paper towels, diapers, feminine products, kitty litter, or anything not meant to be disposed of down the toilet.

    If you are having trouble with a clogged drain, the master plumbers at O’Neill Plumbing will be there to assist you. Our Seattle plumbing company offers a complete range of plumbing repairs, including trenchless sewer repairs and re-piping. Call us at (206) 932-5283 to set up a plumbing repair appointment for your Seattle home. 

    Essential Plumbing Tips for the Holiday Season

    Last updated 8 months ago

    The holiday season has almost arrived, and your home’s plumbing system can experience extra wear and strain during this time of the year. Factors such as freezing temperatures and increased usage can all cause damage to your home’s plumbing. To ensure that your home is prepared for the holidays, it is essential to maintain your plumbing. Here are some essential plumbing tips for the holiday season:

    Manage Your Garbage Disposal

    If you will be having guests over for a holiday gathering, it is important to manage what items are placed in your garbage disposal. Hard or fibrous items, such as poultry bones or pumpkin skins, can severely clog and damage your system. To prevent clogs, be sure to only send easily disposed food waste down your kitchen drain. Also be sure to keep oil, fat, and grease away from your drain; instead, pour any fats or oils into a glass or plastic container that can be tossed in the trash.

    Time Your Showers

    When you have guests visiting for the holidays, your bathroom shower may see increased usage. To ensure that there will be hot water for everyone, it is a great idea to time your showers carefully. If your hot water heater is not providing you with optimal performance, now may be a good time to consider replacing your old unit with a new model.

    Prepare Your Pipes

    Freezing temperatures can cause your pipes to burst, which will result in a major plumbing emergency. To prevent burst pipes this holiday season, make sure all of your pipes are properly insulated. By insulating your pipes, you will prevent water from freezing and expanding inside your plumbing system. Also, you may want to keep a faucet on at a drip to keep water moving through the pipes instead of backing up and freezing.

    At O’Neill Plumbing, our master plumbers can assist you with all of your plumbing needs this holiday season. We offer top-quality plumbing and sewer repairs, and we can also replace your hot water heater. To learn more about all of the great plumbing services we provide to the Seattle area, call us at (206) 932-5283. 

    The Importance of Having Your Sewer Line Inspected

    Last updated 8 months ago

    Damage to your sewer line can cause a messy and stressful situation in your home. To prevent sewer line leaks, it is essential to have your sewer system inspected on an annual basis. For more information about the importance of routine sewer line inspections, watch this video from Angie’s List.

    If your house is 40 years old or older, a sewer line inspection is essential. Even if your home is new, its pipes may be connected to an older sewer line system. A plumber can use low-impact video inspection tools to evaluate your system for signs of punctures, leaks, or invasive tree roots.

    When your sewer line is in need of repairs, the experts at O’Neill Plumbing will be there to help. We provide Seattle homeowners with a complete range of high-quality services, including no-dig trenchless sewer line repair, video inspection, and emergency plumbing services. Call our Seattle location at (206) 932-5283 to schedule an appointment for your home today!


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